Covid 19 brings a new challenge to the cleaning industry, and ICE has your solution. The mobile D.A.T. or Dispersion Application Tool is the preferred device to help your organization combat this virus. The D.A.T. comes standard with a 20 gallon tank that makes access and cleaning simple, as well as a powerful 100 PSI on demand pump. With it’s 20 foot polyurethane recoil hose, the D.A.T. makes fast work of getting into hard to reach spots. With the D.A.T., you can quickly and easily disperse the right chemical solution to either disinfect or sanitize. Rapid setup, effortless use and high speed reloading are three more benefits that make deploying the D.A.T. the right choice
for your front line battle.

  • 20 Gal. Tank
  • 20 ’ polyurethane recoil hose
  • 100 PSI on demand pump
  • 110º flat fan spray nozzle
  • 50’ power cord, safety yellow
  • Optional 15' extension hose (SOLHOS15)
  • 10” rear stair climbing wheels for easy transport and maneuverability
List Price without Batteries:

$2718 USD