iB2000 Floor Burnisher with Dust Control

The iB2000 is the ultimate burnisher for restoring floors to their rightful sheen. It comes equipped with a floating handle, LED pad pressure indication system, passive vortex dust-control system, and fold-down handle. It polishes better, lasts longer, and is very quiet at only 62 dBA. It is one of the best values on the market.

  • An air pressure assisted floating handle, ensuring burnishing pressure remains constant at all times. A true pioneer
  • An LED pad pressure indication system, further ensuring consistent burnishing pressure
  • A passive, vortex dust control system, keeps the surroundings from getting dusty
  • Designed for ultra high speed burnishing requirements
  • Newly designed skirting to prevent dust from escaping during burnishing
  • An overloading prevention system, prolonging lifespan of motor
  • 2000 rpm pad/brush speed
  • 20" deck size
  • 1.5 hp belt-driven DC motor
  • 19" Pad Holder
  • Cloth Dust bag
List Price without Batteries:

$1789 USD

List Price with Lead Acid Batteries:

$ n/a USD

List Price with AGM Maintenance Free Batteries:

$ n/a USD